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Data Mining Group

Data Mining Group

The LIACS Data Mining group is concerned with fundamental and applied research in the areas of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. The theoretical research focuses on finding regularities in complex data such as large graphs, streams, time-series and relational databases. The research of applied nature is concerned with producing understandable and actionable insights from data provided by partners from the academic and commerical domain. Typically, these application areas require the development of new mining techniques that solve the specific challenges of the data at hand. The research partners include the Leiden University Medical Center, T-Mobile, Strukton, the Netherlands Cancer Institute, to name but a few.

Data Mining Course

The Data Mining group is also responsible for the Data Mining course (code DaMi). The course webpages can be found here.


A complete list of members of the LIACS Data Mining group can be found here.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of projects run by the LIACS DM group: