Example exam with model answers (posted Jan 10, 2020)

An example exam with model answers is available. As has been communicated, the exam will be multiple choice.

Retake exam UPDATE (posted May 28, 2020)

The retake exam is still scheduled on June 22. However, the time of the exam has been changed to 11:30 - 14:30. Furthermore, the exam will not take place online, but will be physical, in the Snellius building. The exact room of the exam will be announced at a later stage. The nature of the retake will be similar to the primary exam: multiple choice questions, similar in style, and similar in length. However, this exam will not be on paper, as the primary exam, but digital. We ask you to bring your own laptop for this, so please make arrangements for this early on. If being physically present at the retake is problematic, please contact the lecturer: . The published example exam is still relevant for preparation: link.

REGISTER for retake (posted May 29, 2020)

Due to the strict Corona regulations, you are required to register ASAP for the retake. This is not done as usual through Usis, but by sending an email to the lecturer at your earliest convenience, but no later than June 3, 15:00! The address is . Your email should simply state your full name and your student number (no leading 's'), with subject 'retake'. If you do not register, you may not be granted access to the building on the day of the exam.